As soon as I arrived last Friday, Nico has many things he wants to share with me. It was just one joke after another. I asked him where he learned all the jokes. He said he made them all up.

I asked his Dad what happened. He said he started telling jokes a month and a half ago out of the blue.

(1) The Shark in the River
A Shark swam up the river and found that he is struck because the water is too shallow.

(2) Chicken flew over the roof
Chicken flew over the roof of a house and drop poop.

(3) Beethoven and the Back Sketcher
I was playing Beethowen's 5th and 9th Symphony for him and I had a back sketcher on the table. I gave him the idea of the Bee(thoven) and the Bac(k) Sketcher.

I am at a loss for words for the daily surprises.